Monday, October 26, 2009

Tottenham Fancy Stadium

They're still working on the title, but I think that the above would be pretty good.
Yes, Tottenham Hotspur are getting a new stadium - a planning application was submitted today and Spurs should be playing there by 2012. In case you haven't already gathered, this is a bit of a special interest story.
SO it's 56,000 seats and has a single-tier stand (like the world-famous Kop at Anfield) - so what? Well, the point is that it's something to match Arsenal's stinky stadium just a few miles south and, frankly, any positive or expansive plans for any sports team you love can only be a good thing. I can't get my season ticket on because they cost a fortune and it's hell of a commitment, but if I could then... well, then I would.


  1. If you were a REAL man (or fan) then you'd be getting your season ticket on... I didn't realise you were a commitment-probe, best be warning Mrs Christopher.


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