Monday, April 5, 2010

Cycle Hire: 30 July 2010

Boris and TFL have announced this week that the Cycle Hire scheme in London will launch on Friday 30 July 2010.

More than 40 docking stations are planned in my area alone (below) but, as reported by the the outstanding SE1 community website, some of the local residents are making a fuss.

Only last week an application was rejected for a 23-bike docking station across the street. Apparently the big worry is increased noise, disturbance and risk of public disorder, which I think is overly anxious - you could say the same about a proposed bus shelter.

Anyway, the scheme begins with 6,000 hire cycles spread over 400 locations across zone 1 (see map). Users will pay an access fee (£1 for 24 hours, £5 for seven days and £45 for a year) and then a usage charge if applicable (no charge for 30 mins, £1 for an hour, £4 for 1 1/2 hours, £6 for 2 hours).

I've got my own trusty steed but am such a fan of the idea that I'm still signing up - the scheme will be perfect for unexpected little journeys, and at £45 for an unlimited number of 30 minute trips all year, won't break the bank. Good work TFL.

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