Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kozyndan and Bernstock Speirs

Last week I went to the opening of Kozyndan's first UK solo show, 'And Then There Were None', at Nelly Duff gallery on Columbia Road.

Kozyndan are LA-based Dan and Kozue Kitchens, self proclaimed 'Mad Scientists' of the art world. They have made waves on the international art scene, mostly by virtue of their bunny prints - the best one of which (Uprisings) is featured in the poster above.

Everyone also seemed very excited about something called The Best Sushi in Town, but I preferred Takadanobaba on Acid and Bunny Blossom (both below) - the latter if only so I could link it with the Van Gogh I got last summer (right). HOW BLOODY KITSCH.

Unfortunately, Uprisings is ubiquitous, the rest of the Japanese-style bunny prints seem a bit derivative, and I'm not mad keen for the other handdrawn pieces. But it was still cool.

And on the way home we stopped off at Bernstock Speirs, which was launching a Peter Jensen line of baseball caps and tees to go with their acclaimed millinery (as seen atop Kirsten Dunst, Marion Cotillard, Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria Beckham, Will Young, Ralf Fiennes, Sharon Stone et al). Bonus.

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