Wednesday, March 24, 2010

French Connection

I'm not the world's biggest fan of French Connection (= bland chav chic), but I am ALL OVER this campaign.

Now. My friend thinks that the man looks like a creepy 1950s Soviet paedophile. I doubt that this was French Connection's intention, and to be honest the observation has kind of spoiled it for me. But before my innocence was ravished, I thought the man looked strong, brooding and quirky, which is basically The Best Brand Image.

The girl, obviously, is a cute-as-a-button chic French thing, which is always fine.

On a related note, I terrify myself with how much time I spend thinking about this:

The saving grace is that while Google Imaging that picture to include it here, I came across a more masculine version taken from the film Le Ballon Rouge:



  1. It's a great concept for an advertising campaign and I like the unorthodox model choices (that guy is homeless hot) but I don't like the wanky fragment 'She is charming. She is beautiful. She knows you are watching.' statements on the sides of buses...

  2. Oh, I haven't seen them. I've really just seen these two posters and the one with the man in bunny ears, and thought that qualified me to pass judgment. I now that I have been RASH and ARROGANT.


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