Monday, July 20, 2009

Tayane Leão

I've just seen the 2009 Ford Supermodel of the World. Brazilian Tayane Leão beat over 5 million girls from 44 different countries to win the prestigious title and has been given a USD250,000 two-year contract with Ford, on top of the USD75,000 contract she signed when she won Ford Supermodel Brazil in November 2008.

And we can agree that Tayane is a worthy winner:

What do you think? Hot, right? Totally!

SHE IS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. Which, as we were told during Obummergate, may well be the age of consent in Brazil (and Italy for that matter), but which is bloody weird as far as Mr Christopher goes and makes for uncomfortable viewing. Yikes.

Go say ten Hail Marys.

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