Thursday, January 7, 2010

Album stamps are ALL BUM (stamps)

More stamp news from Mr Christopher, as the Royal Mail releases ten First Class stamps celebrating classic album covers from the last four decades. And sadly, it's pretty slim pickings. Best of the bunch are:

Of course, my biggest problem is that bloody Coldplay have got one. But even that aside, the portfolio is pretty uninspiring. Maybe if I'd been around in the '70s some of them would mean more to me, but few of the ten could really be described as iconic.

The Bowie one (and before you bring it up - yes, I have recorded there, stop going on about it...) should surely be the one on the right. And why no Elton John, Queen or Oasis?

I shall write them a letter of complaint. Using my own stamp.


  1. Maybe selection was determined by the iconic status of the album, rather than of a picture on the front. For example, as albums: Ziggy, iconic. Aladdin, OK, but no cigar.
    Oh, and I was that soldier ..

  2. Haha fantastic. LOVE the Ziggy stamp - do you know if they're limited release/ only sold at the post office?


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