Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BRITs Nominations

Well the BRITs nominations are out. And are they a lot of BALONEY. What's wrong with this list:

International Female
Solo Artist

Lady GaGa
Norah Jones

That's right: no Beyonce. Because the most notable international female artist over the past 12 months - by a country mile - has been Norah Jones. She's the name on everyone's lips.

In the past 12 months, Beyonce has released the following singles: "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies", "Diva", "Halo", "Sweet Dreams" and "Video Phone". Norah cracked out "Chasing Pirates", which soared to no. 87 in the UK charts, and decided she'd quit while she was ahead. Just the one, thanks.

~ Further questions ~

1. Why do people prefer In For the Kill (too high for La Roux's whiny reedy voice) to Bulletproof?
2. Why have JLS been nominated for Best British Group.
3. Who knew Ladyhawke wasn't British? Not Mr Christopher.
4. Was "Breathe Slow" not the crappy slow one by Alesha Dixon? The Gary Barlow one? Best British Single?
5. Why have JLS been nominated for Best British Group.
6. Why is this not nominated for Best International Song?

(It might be because it's old and weird, but I really do like it.)
7. If Dido or Coldplay win BRITs Album of 30 Years, can we all agree that enough is enough and deport them?
8. Has Daniel Merriweather (of 2007 'Stop Me' fame) just broken through?
9. Why have JLS been nominated for Best British Group.
10. Is it me or is Lady Gaga growing on everyone? (Though she's still clearly a div - see right)


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  1. Alright, Kanye... Beyoncé always wins everything so give, er, Norah Jones a chance.

    Totally agree about Bulletproof.


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