Friday, January 29, 2010

Andy Murray: 88% British

Edwin's Raisin is proud to declare that at the time of writing, Australian Open tennis finalist Andy Murray is 88% British.

The statistic has been calculated by The AndyMurrayometer, which describes itself as "an indispensable indicator as to whether the tennis player Andy Murray should be described in conversation as 'British' or 'Scottish'."

Visitors can cast their vote on the site and even bet on the results with

The AndyMurrayometer stats for 2009

The current sentiment is to be expected after the 22 year old Brit reached the final of the Australian Open yesterday morning. (Please note that the corresponding sentence - showing how easily confusion can arise - would be: "… after the 22 year old Scot lost his Australian Open semi-final yesterday morning.").

Murray's only previous slam final appearance was against Federer in the 2008 US Open Final. Sunday's Aussie final is likely to be a rematch – and the outcome could have a definitive bearing on Murray's nationality. Hold on to your seats...

UPDATE ON SUNDAY: Andy Murray is Scottish. Obviously.

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