Friday, May 29, 2009

Tie Trouble

I mean it's impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Fortunately the life of Mr. Christopher is not sufficiently glamorous that I am required at many black tie events. But the few that I can get to are usually treated to either a pre-tied version that makes me look about eight, or a self-tying version that, sadly, looks like it was tied by an eight year old. So primary school all the way, really.

Which, of course, is embarrassing for a man of 26 (even if that man wants to draw on his clothes with a fat-ass crayola in the manner of a four year old. Anyone spot a pattern emerging here?).

So what to do? Is the look I'm after (see right) to remain permanently out of reach?

Colin Farrell wears a normal neck tie to black tie events and looks darn good for it (left). But despite our many, MANY similarities (number of cooing admirers in particular), I'm not quite convinced it would work for me. For one, I want to make it look like I made an effort and know what I'm doing, rather than blithely throwing on what I normally wear to work.

It's not clear why I'm talking about this now, given that I don't even have a black tie event on the horizon. But it seems like the sort of dilemma I'm going to struggle enormously with when the time comes, so probably best to start flapping well in advance.

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