Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elegant Wagging

Apparently, two months ago Carla Bruni met Princess Letizia of Spain and MET HER FASHION MATCH.

I missed all this at the time, but am now pleased to present below a photo snapped by some enterprising pap that is of their bottoms while they walk up some steps outside a building.

I am told that France's first lady is in cobalt blue Christian Dior and Princess Letizia is in plum by Spanish designer Felipe Varela. And while I am loathe to sink to a tabloid level and reduce these two sentient beings to mere Bum Objects (bobjects?), I think we can agree that while the left bum strikes a more flattering pose, the right bum wears a more flattering fabric. It's too close to call. All very good bums. (Grazia, eat your heart out.)

I was going to say it's a draw, but then in the evening Princess Letizia got to whack on a tiara - surely game over? Isn't that the elegance equivalent of turning up to a kickabout in the park with Ronaldo, Kaka and Messi in tow?

Of course, the real story behind these bobjects is that they're both Very Bad For Feminism, with each WAG only featuring in the news (despite one being a supermodel and the other a former newsreader) for the men they're attached to. But then again, what better way is there of becoming famous? Even now, I don't really know what Courtney Love does.

With Michelle Obama getting all the First Lady fashion headlines at the moment, I think it's only right that I do my bit for the EU and tempt the lens back over here. Because if you're talking about belles femmes, you're going to struggle to find any chous out there more petit than those from this side of the pond.

VoilĂ  tout.

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