Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr Christopher and the Robot

Once in a while you hear a song that grabs you, turns you into a wide-eyed, teeth-grinding obsessive and only lets go once you've demanded to have it played every time you enter a room for the rest of your life. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the above, I was that soldier.

The Girl and the Robot is a soaring, theatrical powerhouse from Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp. Released next week, it's the searing second single from Röyksopp's third album Junior, and has shot to the top of my iPod's playcounts since I first got hold of it in March.

Now despite slyly alluding to being way ahead of the curve with that single, I confess that I've only just heard its predecessor, lead single and album-opener Happy Up Here (released in January). While not quite as determinedly demented as The Girl and the Robot, it too is pumping, winding and absolutely blinding (and has a much better video).

Reviews of the new album are strong, the singles are outstanding and, after second-album syndrome arguably took its toll on The Understanding (follow up to 2001's universally acclaimed debut Melody A.M.), it looks like this could be a return to form for Röyksopp.

ENOUGH. Take me to HMV.

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