Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Russia with Bewilderment

Some truly bizarre goings-on in Russia lately, as profiled on Englishrussia.com.

The below shots are taken from a small but perfectly strange local online community that stages photographs of extreme situations in the name of fun. Below is an example from 'A Cheating Wife', in which players were instructed to "make a photo of a man (a lover) hanging outside the real window. The window should be not lower than the third storey of a multi-stored building. A husband should lean out from another window with a gun, aiming at the lover. From yet another window the cheating wife should look out in despair."

I also like 'The Waiter': " A man dressed like a waiter should crawl out of a refuse chute, right from the disposal opening. He should hold a tray with some servings and a towel in the other hand."

Utterly bizarre. More photos of the above - and situations such as 'The Pickles': "Make a photo of many jars of pickles. Some of them should have pickled cell-phones. Not less than five cell phones in each jar please” - to be found here.

There's also a very interesting article on the Robocop of Perm as well (right). Apparently this little fella cruises the streets of Russian city Perm with police signs on it, speaking to passers-by in a robot-type voice and taking pictures of anything that takes its fancy.

Only in America! (Russia).

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